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Wedding Entertainment with Chris, The Mindboggler

Magic is becoming increasingly popular at weddings…


The answer is because it works really well on several levels.

Magic and mindboggling appeals to all age groups, from the youngest flower girl to the great grandparents.

The best times for people to enjoy the Mindboggler are during the photos/reception, around the tables during the wedding breakfast and in the lull between the breakfast, and before the band or disco commences.

The lull is the time when the bride and groom are often ushered away for photographs, leaving the guests on their own with not a lot to do. Chris can entertain and amaze your main guests, as well as the evening guests as they arrive, during this lull period, bringing together different sides of the family in a shared, enjoyable experience.

Although the day for the bride and groom will whizz by, it can be a very long day for many of the guests, involving lots of waiting around.


Chris can entertain at your wedding as follows:

2 Hours of Mindboggling, from £350

3 Hours of Mindboggling, from £450

4 Hours of Mindboggling, from £550

Different packages can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

If you are ready to book, then please call Chris on 07976 242274


If you are in any way unsure how this will work for your wedding, then Chris may be able to offer you a free demonstration, at a suitable venue near you. To find out if this would be possible and to book an appointment, simply visit the following website and fill in the form: https://www.uniqueweddingentertainment.co.uk