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About The Mindboggler

Strange but true stories about The Mindboggler:

The following may seem incredible, but they are all true.

Whilst performing on a cruise ship, The Mindboggler memorised over 300 passengers’ names and birthdays. Amazingly he recalled them all instantly, in a random order. Many months later back on dry land, by sheer coincidence, a former cruise passenger recognised The Mindboggler, whilst he was performing at Dummer Golf Club, Hampshire. Instantly, The Mindboggler reminded the former passenger that his wife, Deidre, had her birthday coming up, next week, on the 28th August.

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Whilst performing at The Swiss Cottage Hilton Hotel, London, The Mindboggler approached a complete stranger. Just by hearing the stranger speak The Mindboggler was able to the name the street in Manchester where the stranger used to live and also the name of his milkman.

Whilst performing at a corporate event in Reading, Berkshire, The Mindboggler approached another complete stranger. Again just by hearing the stranger speak, The Mindboggler was able to the name the town, street and house number in West Wales where she grew up. The Mindboggler was also able to name the headmaster of her primary school.

Whilst performing at a May Ball for The Royal Air Force in Knightsbridge, London, The Mindboggler was able to tell a young debutante the name of the village in Lincolnshire where she grew up. The Mindboggler then told the young lady that she knew a beekeeper that lived in Blind Lane. In a state of astonishment the young lady replied, “He’s my next door neighbour”. In a similar state of astonishment The Mindboggler replied, “He’s my Uncle Peter.” It transpired that some years later that the young lady was Kirsty Stewart who went on to be the first female Red Arrows pilot.

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