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Sensational Memory

Chris Hare The Mindboggler has written the book, Sensational Memory to help people improve their memory and develop their powers of recall…

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Reviews of Chris Hare’s book “Sensational Memory”

“I found it particularly useful for memorising the scripts when appearing in BBC’s Eastenders.” – Bobby Davro – Comedian, actor and TV personality.

“I used the techniques for studying and managed to get a distinction in my MSc. This book is practical, as well as entertaining!” – Joe Stone MSc

My three children ranging from 12 to 18 years old have put it to good use in their exam revision!’ – Louise Johnson

To receive your free copy of Sensational Memory please fill in the form below.

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He will also be pleased to present you with a free copy of his book Sensational Memory, a book he wrote which teaches people how to improve their memory and powers of recall.

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